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Guest Policy

  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times. All guests must be registered at the Pro Shop before commencing play.
  • A resident guest may play no more than twice in a 30 day period, regardless if he is sponsored by one or more members during that period. A member may sponsor a non resident guest no more than 7 days per season.
  • Unaccompanied guests may not start play until after 10:30 am on those days not governed by the 11:30 am starting times in affect during men’s and ladies’ days. All unccompanied guest play must be sponsored by a member. 
  • Restrictions do not apply to lineal guests and their spouses.
  • Children under the age of 16 shall be allowed on the golf course only when accompanied by a member or a spouse of a member.

Dress Requirements

  • Golf Course/Clubhouse: Proper golfing attire is required at all times. Acceptable attire for men includes slacks or walking shorts, collared shirts, and proper footwear. Acceptable attire for women includes slacks, golf shorts or skirts with a golf shirt or blouse, and proper footwear. Gentlemen are expected to remove their hats whenever entering the Clubhouse dining room, patio, or lounge area.
  • Friday & Saturday Evening Dining: Sport Coats are required, with collared shirts and dress trousers for gentlemen; neckties preferred on Friday and Saturday evening. 
  • Monday & Wednesday Evening Dining - collared shirts and dress trousers for gentlemen. Equally appropriate evening attire for ladies - skirts, dresses, or dress pants.
  • Patio Dining: Golf Attire acceptable.